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  • Frequently asked questions about Atelier Robin F100 series generators

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    All True Rife F117/122 systems prior to about Sept 2023 use frequency generator boards and software made and copyrighted by AtelierRobin Inc. You can still run those systems with Atelier Robin Inc F100 software freely available on the web site.

    For the F122, you can use the software for the F101 board:

    For the F117, you can use the software for the F112 board:

    If you get an error about installing non-Apple software, follow this short guide video to install non-Apple applications:

    If this is a new computer you can download TrueRife frq program files from their web site also: . For computers where you already had the TrueRfie frq program files before, they should be in Documents/TrueRife.

  • Share your F100 programs!

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    Brian McInturf at electroherbalism maintains lists of frequencies ready to download on F100 series generators.

    You can get the files here:

  • Post technical questions here

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    To copy files to a F100 series generator you need a computer. It can be a Windows , Mac or Linux computer.

    First connect the generator to the computer with the USB cable.

    Then install the f100 software from here:

    Then start the f100 software and type your program in the text area. You can test it by clicking run.

    Once the program is known to run correctly without errors, save it to your hard drive. Give it a file name that is less than 32 characters since this will be the name that will appear in the LCD display on the generator.

    Then use the "file->fgen->copy to fgen" menu item in the f100 software and open the file you just saved. It will be copied to the generator. If you select more than one file, they will all be copied at once.

    From the generator you can them open and run the file you just copied using the generator keypad:
    -Press menu
    -Press enter when you see "open"
    -Scroll up/down until you see the file name to open
    -Press enter to open the file
    -Press run to "run" the file