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    All True Rife F117/122 systems prior to about Sept 2023 use frequency generator boards and software made and copyrighted by AtelierRobin Inc. You can still run those systems with Atelier Robin Inc F100 software freely available on the atelierrobin.net web site.

    For the F122, you can use the software for the F101 board: https://atelierrobin.net/software-for-f101-104

    For the F117, you can use the software for the F112 board: https://atelierrobin.net/software-for-f125-165-170/

    If you get an error about installing non-Apple software, follow this short guide video to install non-Apple applications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOW5dyA_JgY

    If this is a new computer you can download TrueRife frq program files from their web site also: http://www.truerife.com/TrueRifeUpgrade.zip . For computers where you already had the TrueRfie frq program files before, they should be in Documents/TrueRife.

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